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F.B.I. Agent Seeley Booth is teamed up with forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan to solve some of the most baffling and bizarre crimes ever. Booth depends on clues from the living, witnesses and suspects, while Brennan gathers...

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Season 1 - Bones
"FBI Agent Booth needs forensic anthropologist Dr. Brennan's help to solve the case of a decomposed body found in a pond in Arlington National Cemetery. She agrees to help if she is a full partner in the case."
"Bones is called on to identify the body of a suspected suicide car bomber."
"Bones and Booth investigate the body of a teenager found hanging in a tree on the grounds of an exclusive private school."
"Bones and Booth travel to Washington to investigate an arm found in a dead black bear."
"When a young boy goes missing from a mall, Bones is called in to determine if it is his body found in a nearby field."
"Bones and Angela's night out goes bad when Bones kicks someone into a wall and reveals a mummified corpse and a bag of methamphetamines."
"A condemned man's lawyer makes a last minute appeal to Bones and Booth to re-examine his case. After looking over the evidence, they determine that the man may not be guilty."
"Bones and Booth investigate a missing woman found in a fridge while Bones reconnects with her former professor."
"While the gang is quarantined in the lab for Christmas, they search for clues to solve the mystery of a skeleton found in a fallout shelter."
"Bones and Booth travel to Los Angeles to investigate a body found on a beach. The case leads them to call girls and plastic surgeons. Back in Washington, Hodgins and Goodman clash while authenticating the remains of an Iron Age warrior."
"Booth and Bones work quickly to solve not only a murder, but also the kidnapping of the victim's child."
"Bones and Booth investigate a body found in an alley that is dressed in a costume. The case leads them to a missing teen involved in comic books and a role playing game."
"Bones and Booth investigate the body of a woman found in the car of a gang member. The case leads them to a dangerous Central American gang and a Senator."
"Bones is told to investigate a plane crash involving Chinese delegates, but she is more interested in bone fragments from a person who was not on the plane. The fragments lead to a man whose father has been missing for five years."
"After Bones narrowly avoids being shot while on the way to a blind date, the shooter is thought to be connected to one of two murders she's investigating: one of mob boss James Cugini, the other a victim of serial killer Kevin Hollings."
"The death of a documentary filmmaker sends Bones and Booth into the shadowy world of tunnels underneath the city."
"Brennan goes to help Angela when her boyfriend goes missing in the desert, and Booth gets in on the action when the sheriff won't cooperate."
"After a dead body is found near a 300 year old finger bone, Booth and Brennan investigate the site, which might be hiding pirate treasure."
"Bones goes to New Orleans post-Katrina and becomes involved in Voodoo guided murder."
"While examining a young girl's cancer, Brennan and Booth uncover a bone-smuggling ring."
"Booth and Brennan's investigation into the apparent suicide of a protester in Arlington National Cemetery may lead to a major military scandal."
"When Brennan's mother is found in the Jeffersonian's storage for unidentified remains, Booth opens an official FBI investigation to find out who killed her."
Season 2 - Bones
"An investigation into a train wreck that claimed three lives, one of them a U.S. senator. In other events, Brennan clashes with the new boss, Dr. Camille Saroyan, who has a romantic history with Booth."
"Booth seeks out the husband of a missing pregnant woman after her remains wash up onshore, but the suspect disappears. Meanwhile, Bones continues to clash with Cam, and Booth gets a visit from his ex."
"When a tractor-trailer collides with a garbage truck, the skeleton of a 17-year old boy is found in the trash. A facial imprint from a shroud that wrapped the body helps identify the victim as a suburban honor student."
"Serial killer Howard Epps returns as he reaches out from prison in a deadly game involving Bones and Booth."
"A body is found in a tub filled with lye at a construction site, and Booth reexamines his feelings for his son's mother after they have a fling."
"An explosion at a hotel has the team exploring drug cartel connections and struggling with diplomatic immunity."
"When a girl's body is identified as a missing pageant queen, the investigation focuses on her parents."
"A trip to Vegas to identify a body is complicated when a more recent body is found nearby."
"When Hodgins and Brennan are buried alive, it's a race against time and a kidnapper who doesn't negotiate."
"The headless skeleton of a young man is found in a state forest. Brennan and Booth's investigation becomes entangled in the local legend of a woman who was decapitated as a witch in the 1780s and is said to still haunt the forest."
"Booth and Bones investigate a murder that is connected to Bones' father. Meanwhile, after obtaining his doctora