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A Crime to Remember - Season 1 Episode 6

A 1955 shooting involving a pair of New York socialites is recalled.

Episode: 6/6 eps

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 8.5

Season 1 - A Crime to Remember
"Queens, NY, 1965. Two children disappear in the night, taken from their bedroom. Hours later they turn up dead, strangled. The police have no clues but an instant dislike for the parents: Eddie (20's) and Alice Crimmins (26). They are separated and fighting over custody of the kids. She seems more concerned about her make-up and appearance than her dead kids; he seems to be obsessed with her many love affairs. Cops think one of them did it, but it will take twelve years to unravel the truth."
"New York, NY, 1963. When two young women - just out of college, starting their first jobs in The Big City - wind up dead in their Upper East Side apartment, raped, mutilated, the victims of a terrible, heinous attack, the City is thrown into chaos. If these girls aren't safe, who is? The NYPD is under such pressure to solve the high-profile case it makes a tragic mis-step in the investigation of the case the newspapers dub \"The Career Girls Murders.\""
"West Palm Beach, FL, 1955. Judge Curtis Chillingworth (58) and his wife (50's) say their goodbyes to friends at swank dinner party, step into their car and drive away. They are never seen again. When police start investigating they unravel a tale of corruption, moonshine and numbers-running that leaves Florida in shock."
"Denver, CO, November 1, 1955. United Airlines Flight 629, a DC-6B bound for Portland and Seattle, exploded in flames only 11 minutes after taking off from Denver. The subsequent crash in a farm field near Longmont, Colorado, killed everyone on board. It wasn't very long into the crash investigation when chemical residue, consistent with the explosion of dynamite, was found on debris from the rear baggage compartment. The crash investigation then turned into a criminal probe of the second act of sabotage of a commercial airline, in United States history."
"Michigan, 1967. A young co-ed from Eastern Michigan State University goes missing. Her body is found months later, rotting in a field. A year later, another co-ed, disappears and is found stabbed to death. A few months after that, a young law student is found shot and strangled in an Ypsilanti cemetery. The young women of Southeastern Michigan are terrified and the police commence a massive hunt for the monster they call The Co-Ed Killer."
"A 1955 shooting involving a pair of New York socialites is recalled."
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